Bitcoin Mining on Mac OS X – the New R-Box

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RockMiner has recently released their re-designed New R-Box ASIC miner. You may recall I reviewed their original R-Box in July (after fixing a small bug that kept it from working on Mac OS X).

With the release of their new ASIC, both existing and potential customers of RockMiner began asking bout their Mac OS X support…which lead my contacts at RockMiner to reach out for assistance in both verifying support and providing guidance.

New RBox

The original R-Box was a ~34 Gh/s SHA2 ASIC with a familiar open-PCB design and active cooling. The New R-Box is a very sleek, fully inclosed unit that hashes out-of-the-box at 100 Gh/s.

Like the original R-Box, this new unit is powered by the the 3rd-generation, 40 nm BE200 ASIC chip from ASICMINER and is available for order directly from

Miner Installation

The simplest way to get hashing at a full 100 Gh/s with the New R-Box on OS X is by using CGMiner. So, the first step is to install CGMiner on OS X. There is a thread here on the Bitcoin Talk forums that discusses several ways to install CGMiner on Mac OS X. The most full-proof method is to use Homebrew:

  1. Launch from Spotlight or your Applications folder
  2. Install Homebrew by entering the following in the command prompt:
    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  3. Run the following command and then fix any reported issues:
    brew doctor
  4. Tap the following Homebrew repository so that you can install packages from it:
    brew tap nwoolls/xgminer
  5. Finally, install CGMiner:
    brew install cgminer

Driver Installation

CGMiner requires that no driver be loaded in order to detect the RockMiner R-Box. While this may not be a problem for many, if you have Silicon Labs CP210x drivers installed you may need to run the following command in

sudo kextunload -b com.silabs.driver.CP210xVCPDriver64


With CGMiner properly installed (and the CP210x driver unloaded if needed), you can use the -n argument to list available devices with CGMiner:

cgminer -n
[2014-10-03 16:06:37] USB all: found 21 devices - listing known devices
.USB dev 0: Bus 58 Device 2 ID: 10c4:ea60
Manufacturer: 'Silicon Labs'
Product: 'CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller'
[2014-10-03 16:06:37] 1 known USB devices


Once the New R-Box is detected you can start CGMiner using the -o, -u and -p arguments to begin mining:

cgminer -o hostname -u username -p password

CGMiner New RBox Mac

While you can also mine with the New R-Box using BFGMiner, the RockMiner driver currently does not perform as well as CGMiner and only hits about 80 Gh/s.

bfgminer -S rkm:all --set rkm:clock=310 -o hostname -u username -p password

BFGMiner New RBox Mac

The New R-Box is a big improvement over the original device in both performance and looks and works great on OS X, Windows and Linux.

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments below or on this thread at the Bitcoin Talk forums.

And “Thank You” again to RockMiner for providing sample hardware!

5 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining on Mac OS X – the New R-Box

  1. Vince LaMonica

    I’ve been having some issues getting up and running. Actually, just one issue, as your instructions are very clear. Using cgminer -n, I get the following output:

    moya:~ vjl$ cgminer -n
    [2014-11-22 00:09:02] USB all: found 12 devices – listing known devices
    .USB dev 0: Bus 250 Device 9 ID: 10c4:ea60
    Manufacturer: ‘Silicon Labs’
    Product: ‘CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller’
    [2014-11-22 00:09:02] 1 known USB devices
    moya:~ vjl$

    When running cgminer with -o -u -p [and their respective arguments], I get an error. I have 2 New R-Boxes, though just one set up at a time for now. I’ve hooked each one up to both a Plugable 8 port USB-2 hub as well as directly into my iMac, and the error message remains [except the device number changes]. The error is:

    [2014-11-21 23:46:44] blockerupter detect (250:9) failed to initialise (incorrect device?)
    [2014-11-21 23:46:44] Blockerupter usb init failed
    [2014-11-21 23:46:45] Icarus detect (250:9) failed to initialise (incorrect device?)
    [2014-11-21 23:46:45] Icarus detect (250:9) failed to initialise (incorrect device?)
    [2014-11-21 23:46:49] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block
    [2014-11-21 23:46:49] Failed to read errno=0 in usbutils.c usb_resource_thread():4110

    I’ve tried different USB cables, different ports on the USB hub as well as on the Mac itself. The hub only has the New R-Box plugged in. I haven’t tried running both New R-Boxes at the same time yet.

    My iMac did not have the kext installed that you recommended be removed.

    Any ideas as to what to try next? Thanks so much!

  2. DAvid Povarchik

    Hi, just one question
    you know anyone who are working in a new gui for mac? because all projects i know are death

  3. Sonya

    I’ve been searching high and low trying to find out more info on this r-box. I’m not using it on MAC but you seem to have the only useful info I’ve found. I’m running windows 8.1 with BFGminer 5.0.0. I’m unable to get the miner to hash above 75Gh, I was hoping you might be able to tell me if there is a different driver required than the original r-boxes?


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