Downgrading the SendGrid Add-On for Windows Azure

One of the (many) awesome aspects of Windows Azure and the Azure Portal is the support for Add-Ons. This feature allows 3rd-parties to closely integrate their services into Azure and offer their products via the Azure Portal Store. The Add-Ons feature also allows you to manage much of those services right within the Azure Management Portal.

Azure and SendGrid

I’ve been using the SendGrid service off-and-on for the past year, having set it up initially via the Windows Azure Add-Ons Store. SendGrid is an awesome service for sending emails from a variety of platforms. It offers great prices and rich analytics, and can be used from the Node.js JavaScript environment found throughout the Windows Azure services.

And, thanks to the integration I mentioned above, it’s very easy to scale your SendGrid service from the free option up to the plans with higher allowances and richer analytics.

The Big But

Pee-Wee Big But

Now that’s all great, but

While it’s as simple as a few clicks in the Azure Management Portal to upgrade your SendGrid plan…

If you have created your SendGrid plan via the Windows Azure Add-On Store, there is literally no way to downgrade the plan.

After searching both the Add-Ons area in the Azure Portal as well as the SendGrid management portal I got in touch with both SendGrid and Azure support. They were very helpful but, after several days they confirmed that this capability is simply not possible for the accounts created via the Azure Add-On Store.

So what can you do? The solution is both simple and obvious, if tedious: You can actually add multiple SendGrid plans to your Azure account via the Azure Add-On Store. Simply add a new SendGrid plan at the lower rate. Then migrate over the SendGrid credentials you are using in your applications and services.

Tedious? Yes. But it works if you need to downgrade before this ability is officially supported.

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