SimpleDrawing 1.1 Available on the App Store

Version 1.1 of SimpleDrawing is available for free on the Apple App Store. This update brings a few bug fixes, along with a bucket tool and a brush tool. The brush tool has several patterns available.

SimpleDrawing is an open source drawing app for iOS. The latest source code for SimpleDrawing, including the changes found in version 1.1, is available on the public Git repo.

What’s New in Version 1.1
• Added a bucket tool
• Added a paint brush tool with multiple patterns
• Show individual drawing titles on the initial screen
• Show the name of the current drawing tool on the iPad
• Added new settings
• Improved alignment of controls on the iPhone 5
• Fixed bug: cannot redo text tool after undoing
• Fixed bug: photos traced have double transparency
• Fixed bug: app may allow landscape orientation on the iPad

0 thoughts on “SimpleDrawing 1.1 Available on the App Store

  1. bluewoodtree

    This is really an awesome app to have on you iPhone (although, it is even better on a big iPad screen)… However, it seems to loose in popularity; somehow it reminds me of the GuitarHero and Rockstar phenomenon


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