Offline Mode with Data Abstract for Xcode

Offline Mode Sample App

Data Abstract for Xcode makes it simple to support disconnected n-tier iPhone applications. The briefcase support is a snap, requiring only a few extra lines to be uncommented from the templates installed into Xcode by the Data Abstract installer.

I recently looked into adding support for an “offline” mode to a Data Abstract application I’ve been developing for the iPhone. Basically, the application should function whether the iOS device has an active network connection or not. If there is no connection, any changes to data should be cached until a network connection becomes available.

This ended up being pretty easy to do. I started by adding Reachability support to the application. You can read detailed instructions about how to do that on Stack Overflow.

Once Reachability support has been added, it’s trivial to alter the beginApplyUpdates code in DataAccess.m to only apply updates when a network connection is available:

- (DAAsyncRequest *)beginApplyUpdates
	if (!internetActive) {
		return nil;

Then, modify the Reachability usage to apply any unsaved updates when a connection becomes available:

		case ReachableViaWiFi:
		case ReachableViaWWAN: {
			NSLog(@"The internet is working via WIFI.");
			internetActive = YES;
			//have we received data before?
			if (self.daTestTable) {
				//setup data adapter (to get a new connection)
				[self setupDataAdapter];
				//commit any pending changes to the server
				[self beginApplyUpdates];


The only tricky bit I found was the need to re-create the DARemoteDataAdapter after a network connection becomes available. This is because you may have an old connection that will cause an error if you try to reuse it.

You can download a sample application here. The archive includes a SQL script for generating the sample DB table.

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