Domain Business Processors with Data Abstract for .NET

One of the nice things you can do out-of-the-box with Data Abstract for Delphi is have your server-side business logic segmented into separate classes for each logical data table. This technique is described here:

Strongly Typed DataTables and Business Helper Classes

I’ve recently started using Data Abstract for .NET, and love the new features it brings, such as DA Linq and DA SQL. While this per-data table business logic isn’t to be found, it’s pretty straight forward to cook up.

Here is an example base class that encapsulates the standard Data Abstract BusinessProcessor, and here’s a sample CustomerBusinessProcessor that ensures a name is specified.

Using this class, you can write your own descendants, and then new them up in your service’s implementation unit like so:

FProcessors := new List<DomainBusinessProcessor>;
FProcessors.Add(new CustomerBusinessProcessor(self.components));

The essential bit here is passing in the components collection to the constructor, which is passed on to the constructing call for the internal BusinessProcessor. This is necessary as it is how Data Abstract finds BusinessProcessors for a given service.

You can download a sample here, which uses the SQLite PCTrade DB that ships with Data Abstract.

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