What’s In Store for Password Tote for iOS

After some minor surgery and a bit of time off, I’m back to work, and back to working on Password Tote. We’ve been gathering feedback from users since launching Password Tote for iOS a couple of weeks ago. Below are some items in store for the next update:

  • Ability to backup passwords to Dropbox
  • Ability to run in offline mode for slow/no network access
  • Ability to generate passwords of varying strength
  • Expose more password details, eg. expiration date
  • Fix a crash when memory is low
  • Fix an issue flagging passwords as favorites on the iPad

Web access to Password Tote is free for life. Access from desktop and mobile clients is completely free for two months (and only $3/mo afterwards). If you want to give feedback, you can apply to the open betas at Beta Circle where you can file suggestions and issues and monitor their progress.

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