What is tide?

To call tide an application framework is, in my humble opinion, an overstatement. Even the term plugin framework seems like a bit much – after all, that’s what RemObjects Hydra is.

Perhaps scaffolding is a better term – or is that only for user interfaces generated from DB’s?

So what is tide?

The bits and pieces that make up tide will be:

  • A great starting point for many .NET applications that will make use of DevExpress WinForms controls and RemObjects Hydra
  • A sort of working tutorial on how the myriad of DevExpress controls interact at an application level
  • The completed Northwind client will serve as a nice sort of “mega-demo” for both the DevExpress WinForms controls and RemObjects Hydra for .NET

So, now, what should you expect from the completed Northwind client? My plans are to provide:

  • A working application for editing the customers and orders in Northwind, including the usual CRUD functionality
  • A functioning options plugin for setting up the Northwind connection
  • Browse and detail screens screens for viewing, searching, and filtering customers and orders
  • A sample registration plugin, written in Delphi, to illustrate incorporating software registration and using RemObjects Hydra to load plugins from Delphi

And, over time, who knows what else may creep in – scope creep is okay in demos no?

Of course, as discussed before, because this uses the tide framework (someone please give me a better word!), this all comes with “automatic” support for great controls from DevExpress, including the Ribbon from Microsoft’s Fluent Interface, live spell-checking, printing, exporting to various file formats, Visual Studio 2008-style docking, runtime layout customization, and much more.

More importantly, the demo should illustrate that all of this functionality comes (from DevExpress and RemObjects really), at very little cost in terms of source code written and maintained. Most of these features come from supporting one or two methods of an implemented interface.

More to come soon. Have a great 4th of July, if I don’t find time to post beforehand!

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